How to Play a Bin File Game

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    Burning the Image to a CD

    • 1). If you have not already, download and install IMGburn. This is a free, easy-to-use CD burning and copying program.

    • 2). Open your CD tray and insert the blank CD. Close the CD tray.

    • 3). Open IMGburn and select "Write an image file to disc"

    • 4). Click the "file" menu and select "browse for a source file". Navigate to the directory your BIN and CUE files are stored in and select the CUE file.

    • 5). In the "destination" portion of IMGburn, ensure that the device selected is the same CD drive that you put the blank CD in, then press the "write" button.

    • 6). Install the game using the newly-created CD.

    Mounting the Game with D-Tools.

    • 1). Download and install DaemonTools. This program will create a virtual CD/DVD drive on your computer, enabling you to mount the BIN/CUE image as though it were an actual CD. Follow the directions, then reboot.

    • 2). Upon reboot, locate the D-tools icon in the taskbar and right-click it. Select "virtual CD/DVD-ROM", then "set number of devices". You will only need a single device at this time, so select "one".

    • 3). Right-click the D-tools icon again, and this time navigate through the same menu until you see an option that begins "Device 0:" and then a letter. Move your mouse over this option and select the "mount an image" option when it appears.

    • 4). Navigate to the folder where your BIN and CUE files are stored. Select the "cue" file and click "OK".

    • 5). If the game has an Auto-play feature, it will activate now. If it does not, go to "My Computer". You will see your virtual CD drive alongside your physical drives. Double click the virtual drive, and install the game.

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