How to Make More Money Online - The Title Gets Them to Read Your Article

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Getting the reader to click on the title of your article is the first step in getting through the door.
From here they may become a life long customer or just another surfer in cyberspace.
Your goal is to get them to click on your title.
Once they do that you are at least in the game, so to speak.
I want to take this from a different angle for a moment.
Instead of the reader being in control of the process I want you to realize you are in control.
You are deciding what type of customer you want to offer your product to.
You accomplish this through the title of your article and the article itself.
Do you want a smart buyer who is looking forward and eager to putting your information to use? Do you want a sucker who falls for cheap sales tricks? These are the worst buyers because they will not be happy in the long run.
Your title and article sets the tone for the buyer and sets the expectations for all future communications.
Here is the point I am trying to get to.
Make sure your title accurately depicts what is in the article.
Make sure the article speaks to the reader respectfully and is very informative.
Make sure you give them the information they are looking for.
If you do not have enough room in the article then offer a link to more information in the resource box.
Realize you have the opportunity to target your customer so when they end up at your web site they are already qualified and ready to buy.
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