Matthew 28:19 - How Will You Go and Make Disciples If There"s No Church?

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Matthew 28:19 talks about spreading the word.
Going and making disciples from all nations, and baptizing them into the Christian faith.
This is a much debated passage from the bible, because you humans mis-interpret it.
How ironic that I, the great dragon of revelation himself have to help you understand it! Many people say that this "great commission" of Matthew 28:19 is a commandment, not a suggestion.
Well I'm glad there is so much confusion about this - because they are right! And therein ladies and gentlemen lies my attack on humanity.
This verse in scripture makes an assumption.
For to baptise, you need a faith.
I mean, how can you baptize, or make a disciple of someone if there is no church? Have you ever thought that the rock would crack? Look at what has happened over the last decade.
Has the strength of Christianity increased or decreased? Is Christianity the same religion, or has it changed beyond all recognition? Oh dear mankind- just what, would happen, if the church went down? Now you just listen for a second.
I have provided some clues for you.
At the moment this is too easy, and I'll win by a knock-out.
I have left details of my plan to disrupt humanities efforts and sabotage the church.
It's not about working harder - its about working smarter.
I like to prolong the delicious agony, there's more suffering on your part that way.
One of God's downtrodden brainwashed slaves - ahem, excuse me, one of God's humble disciples has discovered the clues that I have left behind.
So if you wish to carry out scripture, if you wish to start making disciples of people perhaps you should start studying the history of christianity.
This way you can find out about my ways.
For example - when Peter healed the lame man at the temple gate I immediately sent the captain of the temple with his soldiers and stuck them right into jail.
Sudden, quick, effective, immediate persecution.
Why does the beast reveal his hand? Like I said it's much more fun this way, but there's also another reason.
Pure pleasure of gloating and boasting.
I just love the look of fear on the faces of you Christian soldiers!
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