Discover a True Fix - Xbox 360 Red Ring of Death Method - Take Your Pick From These Top 3 Techniques

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Today you are going to find some great ways to fix Xbox 360 red ring of death forever without any mention of the famous towel trick throughout this article.
Heat is the main cause of your console becoming infected by the Xbox ring of death, so why would you even consider wrapping it up in a towel and then frying it by switching it on and then using an hairdryer to produce even more heat.
So, now you know what not to do in order to fix red ring Xbox 360, let us move onto some great methods on how to fix this dreaded error permanently.
You can use a professional Xbox 360 repair guide that will show you in video and audio format exactly how to fix these errors on a step by step basis.
Method 1.
(A) Remove all outer plastic casing from your console.
(B) Take away the metal casing and continue by removing the fan, DVD drive and disk drive.
(C) Take out the motherboard and locate the X-clamp which can be found underneath the heat-sink.
(D) Lift the heat-sink after removing the X-clamp and then locate both components GPU & CPU.
(E) Use rubbing alcohol substance to clean both components well enough for the next step.
(F) Apply some arctic thermal compound over the GPU only.
(G) Leave the compound to set for a few minutes before proceeding onto the next step.
(H) Before you screw the heat-sink back down, place 2 nylon washers onto the screws above and below then proceed by screwing the heat-sink back down onto the motherboard.
(I) Finish off by putting everything back together and begin playing again.
This method is a more technical way to fix Xbox 360 red ring of death and is a demonstration of what you will learn by using a professional Xbox 360 repair guide.
You are now going to learn 2 more methods that can be over-looked by many Xbox 360 owners and can be used by anyone who can follow simple instructions.
Method 2.
You can test your hard-drive by removing it completely then allowing your console to run without it.
If you see any positive results from this method then you have probably been playing your console with a loose hard-drive.
Re-install properly and continue by testing again once plugged in correctly.
Method 3.
Having loose cables can cause your console to show the Xbox 360 3 red lights.
You can easily fix this error by checking all cables are inserted correctly without any damage from poor maintenance.
This sounds obvious to most Xbox 360 owners but by using this simple technique, you may be able to save yourself a lot of time and money.
Methods 1 and 2 can be implemented by anyone and will only take you a few minutes to perform.
General maintenance and time out for cooling will allow you to play on your Xbox 360 for months to come in the near future.
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