How Do I Get Him Back?

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Have you been missing your ex boyfriend or husband and now are wondering how do I get him back? If the two of you were close at one time, there is a strong chance you can create a reunion. Unfortunately, most women go about this entirely the wrong way and end up pushing their ex even farther away. Don't make this mistake. By learning how he thinks and working in harmony with his true nature, he will naturally be drawn towards you.

Think back to a time when someone was trying to "get" you to do something or tried talking you into something. How did you react? You resisted, right? Resisting when someone is pushing us to do something is human nature, and this is how your ex feels every time you "try" to get back together with him. And the more he resists, the more anxious you become and the harder you try, and on it goes in a repeating cycle.

Do you see the problem with the above approach? It's doomed to failure, yet this is exactly what most women do when trying to salvage a relationship. They wonder "How do I get him back" and the only thing that comes to mind is to try harder. This usually manifest in behavior like lots of phone calls, emails, trying to convince him to take you back, etc. The more you push like this, the more distant he becomes.

There's a better way. A way that works with his human nature instead of against it. Instead of pushing and trying harder, do the exact opposite. Take a break from the relationship. Give him time to miss you. How can he miss you if you're constantly chasing after him? Plus, guys want what they can't have. If you make yourself unavailable for a few weeks, maybe a month or so, he will naturally start to miss you and be drawn towards you.

During your break from the relationship, take this time to improve yourself and build up your confidence and independence. Your ex will see the improvements along with the fact that you're not throwing yourself at his feet anymore. If you're wondering how do I win him back, then this is the most powerful and effective approach you can take.</div>
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