Best iPhone Apps - To Create Contact Groups You Will Need an Additional App

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More than 95% of the US population knows what an iPhone is, and more than 25% have downloaded an iPhone app at least once in their lives.
However, whenever we decide we want to upgrade our mobile phone we usually have two big questions in mind.
The first one is whether we should go for a regular phone or a smartphone.
And for those of us who choose the latter, we are now presented with two options - iPhone vs.
So which are the pros and cons for each of these two? Verizon will make the choice much easier starting in February.
As they say it, the phone that changed everything, will now be available in their network as well.
We've all been waiting for this and now it's here.
And the even better news is that the iPhone 4 will be available for only $199! However, even though the iPhone will now be dominating the Android phones in many aspects, the incredible gadget is still not perfect.
Unfortunately there are some very basic aspects which still lack important features.
The one which struck us was the native Contacts app which doesn't allow you to create groups! You would think that such fundamental parts of the phone should have been fixed by now.
Well, in a way they have been, as there are several iPhone apps available out there that have address that shortfall.
Like any other area of apps, several have been created to address this rather gaping hole in the iPhone's native contact app.
It will be essential to find a well written app allows you to create several groups of contacts right from the existing contacts app.
You will want to be able to sort them into any group and then easily broadcast bulk emails or text messages by simply selecting the group you want.
Now that Verizon has undertaken iPhones as well, our overall experience as iPhone users, will certainly get much better as even more developers focus their attention on the iPhone user.
And, even though there still are some flaws, they can be easily covered by combining the built-in apps with the iPhone apps available in the store.
So look around the app store to find something you like.
One of the cool things about the android is that the user can easily create groups without any additional apps.
I don't know if that is a deal breaker for the iPhone (actually I know it isn't), but it is something you will want to work around.
Having such an app on your iPhone can prove very useful and we still wonder that it's not a built-in feature! Just as I like to send emails to my customers and subscribers from my computer, with the proper app, I can now do the same right from my mobile.
I don't have to select the contacts one by one each and every time.
All you have to do is select a group, type in the message and press the Send button (email or text message).
It's that easy! IF you have an iPhone, this kind of app will improve your experience.
If you are a Verizon customer who is chomping at the bit to get your iPhone, just be sure to grab one of these cool apps and make it one of your first downloads.
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