Will You Prefer a Small Wedding?

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The wedding date is certainly the first thing you need to consider when you are planning for your wedding.
A lot of couples will think that the next step will be thinking about the venue.
However, you will need to consider the scale of your event before you think about your wedding venue.
You will need to decide if you will be having a big or a small wedding.
As a matter of fact, the choice can be based merely on your preference.
And it is not a question of right or wrong at the end of the day.
However, there are still some practical issues you have to consider before you make your final decision on it.
First of all, let us talk about the difference between a big and a small event.
Of course the number of guests will be totally different.
What you will need to understand at the point is that the cost of a big wedding is usually higher.
Most couples will be able to understand this.
For example, if you are going to invite 150 people, you will need to prepare at least 150 pieces of invitations and also 150 sets of wedding favors.
And the rent for the venue will certainly be higher because you will need a bigger space to accommodate your guests.
As a result, you may want to go for the idea of a small wedding if you do not want to spend too much on your wedding.
You will certainly be able to save quite a large amount of money if you decide to host a small event.
It is very true that you may not want to spend that much on just the wedding because you will still need some money when you start your marriage life.
You may even spend a little more on your honeymoon if you can save some money on your reception.
Besides, you may not have a chance to talk with every guest if you are going to have a big event.
Do you think you will have the time to chat with all the guests if you have 200 guests? The answer is certainly a NO.
As a result, if you would like to really enjoy the time with your guests, you may want to go for the option of a small wedding.
Of course sometimes the decision cannot only be based on the budget.
If you are a Chinese, in most cases you will be having a large wedding.
It is very common for a Chinese couple to invite 200 guests to the event.
In fact, sometimes a Chinese wedding of 150 to 200 guests will be considered a relatively small one.
To some Chinese couples, a big wedding will mean that they are going to invite 500 to 800 guests.
As mentioned, whether to have a big or small wedding can merely be based on your preference.
Of course you may need to discuss this with your family members.
However, it is your wedding and you should be the one who make the final decision!
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