Do it Yourself Window Glazing

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    Remove the Old Glazing

    • If you feel comfortable removing the sash out of the opening, it makes the job much easier. If not, you can perform this task with the window still in place.

      Using a putty knife, carefully pry out the old glazing compound. Be very careful not to touch the glass, which may cause pressure and break it. You can use a heat gun to heat the old compound and make it more pliable.

      Remove the glass carefully and clean any old putty from the window frame. If the glass does not come out easily, do not force it unless you want to replace the individual glass panes.


    • If you were able to remove the glass from the frame, or you are replacing the glass, apply a bead of window putty to the window frame. Gently place the glass in and press the sides down. Gently push in glazing points into the frame over the glass with a putty knife. Glazing points are available at your hardware store and help to hold the glass in. Cover the outside perimeter of the glass with glazing compound. Be sure you have it in the corners and all crevices. Do not leave any hollow areas or gaps.

      Dip your putty knife into some linseed oil to lubricate it. Carefully smooth out the glazing compound with the putty knife following the perimeter of the glass. Continually dip your knife in the oil as necessary and smooth out until it is uniform around the frame.

      With your putty knife, carefully drag the ridge of excess compound away from the smoothed area. This will create a nice even look on your glazing. Allow the compound to dry thoroughly. Take a utility knife and cut the excess putty away from the other side of the frame. Paint your window frame, and your glazing job is complete.

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