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If you are a supporter of Mother Nature, you need to begin recycling Christmas cards , Mother's Day, Valentine's Dayand other greeting cards too.Many greeting cards are bought and given throughout these holiday seasons. In spite of the popularity of the internet and electronic greeting cards:e-cards, the vast majority of greeting cards are still made of paper, which of course comes from trees. Sadly, paper cards can only beenjoyed for a little while, and then they are trashed! I'm not suggesting that you have to cease exchanging paper cards, but I am suggesting that if you continue to usepaper cards, why not buy cards made from recycled material (or recycled greeting cards), AND start recycling Christmas cards when you're finished enjoyingthem. This recycling can happen either by taking them to a recycling facility or buy using them for your personal arts and crafts.

A little research on the webwill provide you with a number of local and national paper recycling facilities andcharities that will accept your used greeting cards. Here, however, I would like to provide to you some of the projects and even gifts that can be created with your used cards. Rather than puttingyour holiday cards in the trash, they can be reusedto bring entertainment to your family and others.

Here are someof the manyprojects you can undertake:

Bookmarks: you can cut covers of greeting cards with interesting pictures to create your own personalized bookmarks, because this is much cheaper than buying them...

Matching Game: Most of ushave played this card matching game as a child. Now your kids can growand learn with a personalized set of cards!

Greeting Cards!: This soundshard but it is not. Just cut off the covers of cards, removingthe page with the writing on it, and then connect the cover to a blank second page. These blanks can be picked up at most arts and crafts stores.

Post Cards: Make holiday postcards by removingthe back half of greeting cards (i.e., the page with no, behind the cover). You can then draft your personal message and mailing address on the blank side of the cover, and then affixpostage. You even save more money with this, since postcards are cheaperto mail than letters!

These represent just a few of the great ideas I've come across. Do you have any you can share?
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