Should You End Your Affair?

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You must have your reasons for having an affair [], but are they sufficient to excuse cheating on your husband or wife?

Your life can get very lonely if you are married to a man that never has time for you, or a wife that doesn't care what your goals and aspirations are as long as you take out the garbage.

Your marriage may have lost all the excitement and has turned into a boring day to day drag on your energy.

Your sex life with your new partner is exciting and full of variation, while on the rare occasion that you actually have sex with your husband or wife it's just the same old thing every time.

You feel like you are living with a stranger. You don't have any real conversations. The only time the two of you sit down to talk is when there's some problem like the roof is leaking that needs to be resolved.

There is a variety of reasons for you ending up in the arms of someone else, are you convinced that they are enough for you to stay in you affair?

Is the affair worth it if you consider that there's a good chance you are going to get caught, and then find yourself in divorce court?

You know that if your spouse finds out about your infidelity they are going to be extremely hurt. Do you really want that?

What about you children? What are they going to learn about life values if you get caught? You won't be able to hide it from them you know.

What's the right thing to do? Ending an affair [], or take the chance and let it continue?

It's your decision to make.

Is the happiness the other person brings you worth the risk you are taking?

There's always some who gets hurt from an affair. You can expect that there will be no consequences from this. Who is that's going to get hurt? You for sure, but is it going to be your spouse or your lover?

Ending an affair, getting a divorce, both options are full of problems and pain. So is letting the affair continue. You are going to have to pick the lesser of the evils.
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