How to Take Care of a Begonia Plant

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    • 1). Select a planting site that receives partial sunlight, but not direct, full sun. Work into the soil peat moss, compost or other organic matter.

    • 2). Water your begonias once per week or more frequently during dry spells. Keep the soil moist and allow it to dry slightly between waterings. During the growing season, add ¼-strength liquid fertilizer to the water once per week.

    • 3). Feed your begonia plants once per month with a fertilizer that is slightly higher in nitrogen than phosphorous and potassium, such as a 15-10-10. Follow the package directions for dosage.

    • 4). Trim away dead or yellowing leaves. Pinch off spent flowers to encourage more blooms.

    • 5). Inspect your begonia plant for mealy bugs, one of the only pests that attack begonias. Treat a mealy bug infestation with a plant-safe insecticide, following the directions on the label carefully.

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