How to Host a Surprise Wedding Shower

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    • 1). Get the groom involved. Nobody is going to be able to help you with the planning of this surprise more than the groom. He, after all, is going to be more on the inside than anyone else. Have the groom be your go to for information on when she has availability, and who would be appropriate to invite. He can also give you ideas about what she may or may not want at the shower, as well.

    • 2). Put together a convincing ruse. During a wedding planning season, this should be easy to do. You have a million excuses to have the bride away from her house for an afternoon. It could be a dress fitting, a visit to the florist, a tasting with a caterer or a meeting with the photographer. Anything that has to do with the planning of the wedding or the reception is a great cover for the set up of the surprise shower.

    • 3). Delegate responsibilities to different guests. To keep the shower from being an overwhelming task to plan surreptitiously, put different guests in charge of different parts of the party. Have one woman buy the decorations, have another woman in charge of desserts and another in charge of beverages. If you give everyone a single item to take care of, no one will feel put upon, and everything will be able to be kept a secret from the bride.

    • 4). If certain people can't attend, have them attend via pre-taped message. Because bridal showers usually take place well before weddings, friends and family living in other cities often can't make it for both. In these instances, have friends of the bride tape themselves making toasts and wishing the bride well on video, have them mail the messages to the party host and show the video well-wishers during a special time of the shower. The bride will really appreciate this special touch.

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