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Although it seems that there's a serious problem of delay in the expansion of the server, large expansion "storm legion" still be held on November 13 official on-line. Officials have solution to the existing in the game the system failure, and started for processing. This expansion will add two large the new world, it is respectively: Dusken (a place by a terrorist atmosphere in mainland) and Brevane (Telaran the cradle of civilization). In addition, the new expansion will also join in a new city. In addition, the player's character level cap will reach level 60; will also add new players apartment system.

No matter in what game, every update will raise players enthusiasm, happening with this is the relative items hot sell. For some experienced player who handle well on invest, they will always be consume ahead of most people, so that they can just sit back and leave others to find a way out while price soaring. Stock as much as rift gold at the primary of level 60 come out can help player save much money. Because level 60 gold will be cheap only at the first time, after feel the hot feedback of market, the rift gold will increase rapidly, maybe only need a day or two the price will has a huge change. In, people still can enjoy the cheap and fast rift gold for level 60 now, seizes the opportunity in case future regrets.

In, player can buy most fresh and hot rift gold every day; every order will be handling after 5 to 15 minutes since it paid. The farming team and delivery team has most sufficient headcount, so these two teams are the last one will worry about order delay problems. is a gold site that can well understand the need of players, so anyone who urge to leveling to the 60 will need large amount of rift gold. At this period, players are most impatient to get all support sources, but also concern about the cost of game. Under such balance, pick up a suitable site is a win-win solution. And just happened is the right one which can meet all requires of players.

Enough rift gold means a lot of things to player. In zero hour maybe its the best powerful weapon to fight, and now for the rift 60 level, it is seems more important.

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