Measures For the Development of the Domestic Parts Industry

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With the increase of the sales volumes of vehicles, the production and sales of components also rise.
Chinese auto parts industry seems to be go through a "warm winter.
" However, the increase of the quantity does not mean the enhancement of the quality.
As in the technical and technological aspects, the domestic parts enterprises still can not catch up with the foreign countries.
There is a large gap between the domestic parts enterprises and the foreign enterprises in some important components.
In the face of quick development of the auto parts industry, many experts think that there are many problems existing in the component market.
For example, this market has rather short development time.
It has small scale, backward technology, slow products replacement.
These factors are deficiencies in the development of the industry.
Meanwhile, these factors need to be improved as well.
According to the participation of the parts enterprises in the vehicle industry, the general parts companies will be tested and operated after they supply the products such as worms and pulleys to the vehicle enterprises.
After the products are approved, the relationship between the component industry and the vehicle enterprises will be consolidated.
Gradually, they can establish a leading position in the fields.
High-tech products of local auto parts enterprises face unfavorable conditions in the procurement aspect.
It is hard for them to access to quick development.
As to those companies which have foreign investment, they can keep the traditional mating relationship in the high-tech and high value-added sectors.
Besides, due to the competitive pressures and demand for product upgrades, the brands created by the domestic companies also constantly increase the procurement of high-tech products.
Technology is an essential element for the development of companies.
To some extent, it decides the development of companies.
It is also the same for the auto parts industry.
It is rather urgent to enhance the core competitiveness of the domestic auto parts.
And it is no doubt that the technology should be improved at first.
As in the current society, the energy-saving environmental protection, global regulations and standards push the technology improvement.
Additions to this, there are still many other factors that should be taken into consideration.
Many analysts said that in order to narrow the gap with foreign companies, domestic enterprise should make great efforts in research and development of products.
Besides, they should try to develop new market.
All in all, the domestic parts industry has a long way to go.
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