How to Make a Chihuahua Sociable

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    • 1). Teach your chihuahua how to behave in the company of people or other dogs by yelping loudly if the dog bites you too hard during play. This is a vital part of socialization that is usually taught by the dog's mother and siblings. Wait until your chihuahua is completely calm before giving food or affection.

    • 2). Invite five new people, such as friends, relatives or neighbors to visit the house every week to help your chihuahua get used to being around unfamiliar people. Give your guests treats, which they can then give to the chihuahua to ensure that the dog makes positive associations with people. Use special treats for this exercise, such as small pieces of cheese or chicken. Do not allow your chihuahua to jump up on the guests, as this is a dominant behavior.

    • 3). Enroll your chihuahua in dog or puppy training classes to allow it to socialize with other dogs. Use these classes to train your dog to listen to you when in the company of distractions, such as other dogs and people.

    • 4). Expose your chihuahua to a wide variety of places to allow it to experience different sights and sounds. Show your chihuahua what you expect of it by giving it a command to follow, such as "lie down." Maintain a calm, confident manner to put your chihuahua at ease.

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