Adsense: Why is it the Best Passive Income Availabe?

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If you're looking for some passive income streams, look no further, because Adsense is the answer. Adsense is an advertising feature by Google that pays the publisher whenever someone clicks on the ad. Despite changes to the lnternet landscape, income from Adsense is hardly affected. There is no age requirement to using Adsense, therefore anyone, even 5 year-old kids who have sufficient knowledge can make money passively from Adsense online. Furthermore, Adsense earnings are consistent and cost very little to start since the only money you pay are the domain fees, and websites if you outsource.
Let's do a little mathematics to calculate the potential of Adsense. For a typical person, you spend 2 weeks creating a website. On average, if you get a decent listing on the search engine, you will make an average of USD 50 monthly per website.

Assuming you can produce this kind of earning consistently and passively, what it means is your 2 weeks of effort can earn you $50 x 12months = USD 600 a year. As said before, Adsense income is usually quite stable for many years once created, despite of all the changes that is happening in the internet world and there is reason to believe that this stream of income will continue for at least 20 years. Conclusion is that you make USD 600 x 20years = USD 12000. How is that for a passive income stream with minimal intervention?

Let's look at it from another angle. If one website earns you $50 a month and you build 2 websites a month, it will mean a USD$100 increase in your monthly earnings every single month and after 12 months, your monthly extra earnings from Adsense would be US$1400.

2 websites a month is the minimum an average person can achieve. If you are much more eager to make huge passive income from Adsense, you can easily outsource website creation to others, launching up to 4 websites a month if they are passionately created. You can go ahead calculating how much you will earn if you do that. It all drives down to the point that economic-social background has no bearing on the success of passive income from Adsense. All you need is a computer with the Internet.

Look long term and always spend your time building passive income instead of immediate income. This is the way to achieve your financial and time freedom.

Author is based in Asia Pacific and is responsible for adult financial literacy

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