Spirit India - Alcohol Beverages from India Are In Great Demand in US

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United States is one of the biggest markets for Indian products. This trend has also been reflected in the alcoholic beverage market as Indian spirits have created a strong foothold for themselves in the US market. Businesses marketing spirit India are smiling their way to the bank as the consumer base keeps soaring. Indian Rums, Vodkas, Whiskeys and Beer are among the best selling products in the market. Products from liquor manufacturer United Spirits which has brands such as Royal Challenge up its sleeves is slowly becoming a major player in the US. No wonder most spirits distributors in USA sense this opportunity and are going aggressive with their marketing campaign for spirit India.

Different Blending: The biggest selling point of any alcoholic beverage is its uniqueness and every brand has got its own sense of uniqueness. In the highly competitive market in the United States, Indian spirits have added a tinge of variation. Traditionally the market was almost bi-directional with consumers having to choose between local manufactured products and those imported from Europe. Indian products have always been famous for their unique blending which has added another dimension to the market giving more choice to the consumers. The products from Indian companies such as Mohan Meakin and United Spirits represent quality in their blending. In fact it is often said that each variant of Indian spirit has a unique story to tell.

Expatriates Factor: One of the biggest reasons for the popularity of Indian spirits in the US is the large number of Indian expatriates. There are hundreds of thousands of people from India who are currently working in the United States with thousands migrating every year. These people carry with them their food habits and also prefer to consume Indian alcoholic beverages compared to those manufactured and marketed from elsewhere in the world. This provides spirit India companies with a strong market base to sell their products. Add to it the 3.2 million strong US citizens of Indian origin and this becomes substantial market. This has prompted leading Indian spirit producers to tie up with spirit distributors in USA and market their products.

Strong Marketing: This is perhaps the driving force behind the popularity of Indian alcoholic beverages in the United States. Spirits distributors in USA who has tied up with Indian brands are going aggressive with their marketing campaigns. One such company is the Westbury based Eastern Liquor which has emerged as one of the leading distributors of spirit India in the US. They have successfully identified the target market and are delivering high quality products to their customers. Apart from this they are also trying to penetrate into new market segments which have traditionally been the forte of the American and European brands.

All these factors have resulted in the popularity of Indian spirits among the consumers in the United States. Going by the figures in the next 5 to 10 years Indian alcohol will account for a substantial section of the market in US.
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