Credit Card Companies - Do They Control Your Life?

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If you are deep in debt, you have essentially given control of your life and possibly your future to your credit card companies.
Instead of working for yourself, you essentially are working for those credit card companies.
It can be difficult at times to even realize that this is happening since you probably don't think about it.
But the sad truth is that the credit companies are getting rich while you are sinking deeper in debt.
The problem is that the vast majority of the money you pay to the credit card companies is applied directly to your high interest.
So essentially, when you head off to work every morning, you are working for all of your credit card companies.
The money that could be going into your savings account to help build your own future is making the credit card companies rich instead of you.
The only way you can take back control of your future is to get rid of all your debt and stay debt-free in the future.
You can accomplish this in a variety of different ways.
It can as simple as going over your finances and sacrificing some of your luxuries over the next few years.
For instance, cut out the cable TV, cancel your gym membership, skip the family vacation, and forget about buying a new wardrobe every year.
But it also could take a more drastic action like getting a debt consolidation loan.
It could even require admitting that you are so deep in debt that it will be impossible for you to pay off all of your debts and you will need to declare bankruptcy.
Of course, this will cause serious damage to your credit report for up to 10 years.
But this should be your last option since it will seriously affect your ability to get a loan for a long time.
One thing is certain though.
If you don't take the time to draw up a plan to get out of debt and make a serious commitment to avoiding new debt, you will continue to work every day for someone else instead of you and your family.
Start today and stop letting debt run your life.
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