Episode 12, Season 6 Recap - "Everybody Loves Hugo

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Flash-sideways in italics.
We're looking at a black screen and we hear Pierre Chang say into a microphone, "Through conflict and strife, there is but one fact we all can agree upon, everybody loves Hugo." There is applause and he continues to speak as pictures come on the screen. "Born to humble surroundings," there is a photo of a mom and infant, "Hugo Reyes has always been a beacon of light for all who cross his path. Hugo's life long love affair with chicken led him to acquire and then expand the Mr. Cluck's chain into a worldwide phenomenon. The exponential growth of Hugo's success was startling, but financial success wasn't the end, it was the beginning. Hugo and giving became synonymous, parks, playground, hospitals, the Mr. Cluck's House for Children. The philanthropy was unparalleled."

We see there is a large audience sitting at tables. "Which brings us to this evening and the opening of the Hugo Reyes Paleontology wing at the Golden State Natural History Museum. A lasting beacon of culture that bears the name of one of our cities greatest benefactors. Ladies and gentleman, our man of the year, Hugo Reyes."

Hurley stands up to thunderous applause and gets a standing ovation.

As they leave, Hurley says to his mother, Carmen, "Pretty cool trophy, huh?"

"Uh huh, Hugo."

"Oh, you know we've got the Human Fund next Saturday night, can you make it?"

"Another trophy," Carmen says as she comes up to Hurley, "Everybody loves Hugo. You know who doesn't? Women."

Hurley looks around self-consciously. "Ma!"

"You need a woman in your life, especially one who has not nursed you."

"That's disgusting. I'm too busy to meet someone."

"You're not too busy. You're too scared."

"I'm not scared!"

"Good, because you have a date tomorrow."

"I do?"

"Grandpa Tito's neighbor's daughter, Rosalita. She agreed to lunch with you."

"What's she like?"

Carmen rolls her eyes. "Willing to meet you."


"You're going! She's going to love you. And if she doesn't, we will find someone who does." She slaps him.

Hurley replaces the flower at Libby's grave. He says, "A lot of crazy stuff's been happening. I kind of wish I could talk to you about it in person. A lot of people come and talk to me after they've, you know, gone. It'd be nice if you would too."

"Hugo." He turns to see Ilana walking towards him. "You ready to go? Once I'm back, we're leaving."

"Where you going?"

"The Black Rock. If we're going to destroy that plane, we'll need dynamite."

"You sure that's the right move?"

"No, but it's the only move we have."

"Well, you're the expert."

"Whose grave is this?"

"Her name was Libby. She was in the tail section of the plane. We were going to have our first date. It was going to be like a picnic, but, then she was murdered."

"I'm sorry." Ilana walks away.

"Yeah, me too."

Hurley hears whispers and looks around. Michael says, "Hey."

"What are you doing here?"

"I'm here to stop you from getting everyone killed," Michael says. They stare at each other and Michael says, "You going to say something?"

"Why should I trust you? You murdered Libby and Ana-Lucia."

"That doesn't matter right now. What matters is you go across the island to blow up that plane, people are going to die. A lot of people and it's going to be your fault."


"Because people are listening to you now, Hurley."

"Hurley." Hurley sees Jack walking towards him. "Who you talking to?"

"Uh," Hurley says, "no one."

"We're leaving."
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