Difference between Website designer and web developer

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It is seen that work done by both expertise look alike and they deal with the same parameters ending as a designing team. But if we get into the core of the subject we will understand that a web designer and a web developer play two different roles while working on the client's website. A website designer usually creates artistic looks in a website and decides for himself that which layout would be attractive. He normally blends fonts and colors according to the choice of the website owner and makes the website presentable for normal viewing. However, a web developer uses his statistics and creates the functionality and testing its usability. Web designers are also well versed with graphic design tools such as Photoshop while many master in the art of setting HTML code for the web pages. The graphic designs are implemented to give extraordinary look to a website which is designed by a web designer.

But with the case of a web developer, he creates the functionality for a website by coding them with HTML. The developer also does usability testing on the site which involves some HTML knowledge. You will rarely see a web developer spending hours coding and decoding a web page, normally he focuses on the technical grounds of the project. It is rarely seen that a web developer knows every programming languages; they often end up with limited languages. At a time, a web developer will focus on front end programs that implement the usage of JavaScript, HTML and CSS while others may use .NET, Java, Ruby and PHP during designing a web page. Actually, a web developer works behind the scenes taking initiative for everything is working as it should be. They stress more on links and other coding business and by the end of the day; they make sure that people should face fluidity while navigating through the webpage.

Although, the two work on the same platform but they are totally different during a work phase. Many times, people often confuse web designers with web developers because they perform the same work but one must know that a web designer works on selection of aesthetics layout while a developer works on coding implementation. A designer and a developer can easily be seen in larger web design in atlanta such as alvicreatives where they work on the same grounds. It is therefore, one must understand that both programmers cannot work without anyone.
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