How to Make a Cardboard Cube

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    • 1). Place the cardboard on your work surface.

    • 2). Using a ruler as a guide, draw a 3-inch-long line close to one edge of the cardboard.

    • 3). Draw a 3-inch line at a 90 degree right angle to the end of the first line. Use your drafting triangle as a guide. Using the drafting triangle is imperative. Each corner of the square must be exactly 90 degrees for the cube to fit together correctly.

    • 4). Draw a third 3-inch line at a 90 degree right angle beginning at the end of the second line.

    • 5). Draw the fourth side of the square by connecting the free ends of the first and third lines. Use the ruler as a guide. Check both angles formed by this final line with the drafting square.

    • 6). Draw five more squares using the instructions in steps 2 through 5.

    • 7). Use a utility knife to cut out your six cardboard squares. Cut carefully, as close to the lines as possible. Cardboard will quickly dull the edge of a blade. Change blades in the utility knife if the cardboard begins to tear while you are cutting.

    • 8). Place the first cardboard square flat on your work surface. Place another square against each of the four sides of the first. You should now have a small cross pattern with equal sides.

    • 9). Place a piece of tape on each of the four seams between the five pieces of cardboard.

    • 10

      Turn the entire piece over. The tape will now be on the bottom. Fold up the four sides to form an open box. Tape the four seams on the outside of the box to hold the sides together.

    • 11

      Place the sixth cardboard square over the open top of the box and tape it in place.

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