You Will Lose A Big Portion Of Your Adsense Earnings If You Don" t Do This

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You are working hard creating good and quality content for your Google AdSense web site. You carefully plan a good link building strategy for your Google AdSense web site. You distribute your articles through article distribution channels regularly. You submit your Google AdSense web site to web directories and you've done basic search engine optimization on all of your AdSense pages. You work extremely hard to get as much traffic as possible to your Google AdSense web site.

One day, you receive an email from a webmaster who owns a huge mailing list informing you that your site will be featured in his newsletter. You are happy that someone likes your Google AdSense web site and he will promote your web site for free. You start receiving huge amount of referral traffic from his newsletter. Instead of getting 2000 hits per day, you are getting 200,000 hits per day now. This sudden traffic surge boosts the number of clicks on your Google AdSense ads. Your Google AdSense earning is increased by a few folds.

Before you know it, you receive an email from Google saying that your account is suspended due to "invalid clicks". You didn't click on your Google AdSense ad intentionally or accidentally. Everything you did so far does not violate the Google AdSense terms and conditions. You could not figure what went wrong and why your Google AdSense account is suspended.

Sudden Jump in Google Earnings Triggers Red Flag

The sudden jump in your Google earnings has alerted the Google AdSense team and the result is the suspension of your Google AdSense account. In fact, this happens to a dozen of Internet Marketers. However they manage to get their Google AdSense account fully reinstate using the right strategy.
If your AdSense account is suspended because of the sudden jump of your Google AdSense earning, you should stay calm and plan the right strategy before you talk to Google. You should be patient when dealing with Google. You should be polite when communicate with them and take initiative to provide them with all the documents they may need. You should not argue with them why they've suspended your account unfairly. After all, your main purpose is to get your Google AdSense Account reinstated.

Jason has written General Guideline for AdSense Reinstatement. This is a detail guideline on how to get your Google AdSense account reinstated if you have not violated Google AdSense terms and conditions. He also provides a few examples of correspondence he was using to get his account reinstated.

In conclusion, to avoid any disruption to your Google AdSense business, it may be a good idea to alert Google AdSense team about the possible surge of traffic that your Google AdSense web site may receive.
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