The Power Of Belief

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Belief is a marvelous spiritual-moral means with which mankind has only a passing acquaintance.
Belief has brought far reaching positive results in aiding humanity to achieve Good, but also hasbeen an enormously destructive force, aidinghumanity to achieve Evil.
The deeper we delve into the topic, the more we will sense its power.
People tend to accept things through belief.
This is apparent in everyday life, and many people run their lives on this basis.
This tendency or weakness are among the causes of people's acquisition of false information, inviting their fellow man to abuse this marvelous force.
Superstitions, prejudices, certain social and personal customs and all their consequences are usually a product of this impressive force.
In summary- Belief is one of the most basic and impressive spiritual tools.
Its involvement in people's daily life is far greater than most of as conceive.
We will attempt to elucidate these decisive declarations.
What is belief Webster's dictionary and the Encyclopedia Britannica define belief as a force, bringing a person to accept that some thing is truth without having proof.
Yet it is also a special meditative state.
We will refer to this state as the "state of belief.
" Specifically, we are referring to accepting truth from an "authoritative" source.
The source may be, for example: a parent, teacher, doctor, friend, leader, king, religion, law or God Himself.
If you believe in this source, you generally believe in the content he provides you, regardless of whether it is actually true or not.
In certain circumstances, almost any being may represent an authoritative source in his colleague's eyes.
'Authorizing' a source People do not accept information from just any source and are even less inclined to accept information as being true without suitably verifying its validity.
In order for a person to unquestioningly accept information, he must "believe" in its source, he must grant the source with the authority of being a "reliable source.
" Only then will he allow himself to enter the "state of belief" and accept information or be encouraged to act in some way.
We provide some sources with an automatic status of authority, while others have to "prove" their reliability.
Sources that are automatically granted such a status usually include: A parent, doctor, teacher, leader, religion, law, God.
It is customary to grant this status of authority to those we recognize as being genuine friends.
From such authorized sources, often stems the abuse of this power.
The ease with which we bestow sources with authority is proportionate to the ease with which this position of authority is abused.
Accepting something to be true by means of belief.
The 'thing' may be any content or information, whether regarded as representing truth, or whether it instructs, persuades or encourages us to strive for a specific goal.
Accepting information as representing the truth.
With this type of acceptance, man's mind receives a substantial quantity of information in addition to that achieved by his senses and stored in his brain.
This additional information assists and even enables man to function and develop in a more natural way.
It can therefore be stated that without it, man may experience a significant slowdown in functioning and development.
Accepting encouragement or persuasion as representing the truth.
Among the many aspects of this topic, it will be noted that when a person accepts that he can achieve a specific aim, his previous perception is replaced with an improved one, leading to his success.
It may be said that acquiring the ability to succeed resides in believing that success is possible.
It is not enough to simply have a specific wish, a desire to fulfill it and the required knowledge.
You have to believe that you will succeed in your quest in order for your mind to act (within certain limits) towards achieving this goal.
The requisite encouragement or persuasion could come from yourself, from your fellow man or from God Himself.
Accepting something to be true - by means of belief Brings a person to accept something as true- regardless of whether it is true or false.
It is fair to say that faith is the primary origin, which bestows man with false information.
Upon man's accepting a thing as constituting truth, his mind will creatively process the data regardless of its correctness, in order to achieve the required aims.
In light of this, the readers can imagine the danger we face when we accept things on the basis of faith alone.
Examples illustrating the power of faith We will present examples of the power of belief, demonstrating its force and the effects of encouragement and conviction, on the functioning of an individual person and on society.
The personal level "I believe that I'm healthy".
If this is declared in a state of belief, the mind accepts this information to be true, and carries out, within certain limits, whatever is required for actualizing this belief (If I am ill, the mind will carry out, within limits, whatever is necessary for my recovery).
A similar thing occurs when I "believe" that another wish I aim to realize is within my grasp.
The mind will, within limits, provide the forces and capacities necessary for fulfilling my wish.
Extraordinary feats, accomplished under hypnosis.
We have witnessed remarkable feats carried out by people under hypnosis.
When the hypnotized unquestioningly accept that the hypnotist's instructions are achievable, the subject behaves differently because he thinks and believes differently.
The placebo effect - A patient recovers by swallowing a sugar pill.
When the patient accept as true, his doctor's statement that the pill will cure him after swallowing it, the patient's mind within certain limits, acts to the realization of this belief.
The social level In the Second World War, we witnessed remarkable feats by Nazi youth, in their quest for the "new world".
This was after they believed, namely "accepted" as truth, their leader's conclusion that they can indeed actualize this ideal, and that this ideal is beneficial to Germany and indeed, to the whole world.
Currently, we are all witnessing acts of suicide whose aim is mass murder, by extremist elements in Arabic Muslim youth, who accepted as true, that it is God's will to carry out these actions and upon execution, they will achieve the highest degree of holiness and will reach heaven (where all their wishes will come true).
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