How Does Medicare PDP Work?

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    How Does Medicare PDP Work?

    • The Medicare Prescription Drug Plan (PDP) is a type of insurance that helps anyone with Medicare save money by providing coverage for prescription drugs, whether generic or brand name. So if you have costly prescriptions or need them in the future, Medicare PDP can help take care of your needs.

    Getting Covered

    • Even though having Medicare makes you eligible for the plan, there's still a process in order to be covered. First, you must be at least three months shy of your 65th birthday in order to qualify. It's in your best interests to join when you are eligible. If not, you could be penalized and face unnecessary out-of-pocket expenses.

      You can sign up with a Medicare prescription drug plan, a Medicare Advantage Plan or any other Medicare Health Plan that can cover you. Make sure to closely compare plans when making a decision on coverage. Fortunately, enrollment is offered each year, so you have the option of changing plans if needed. In addition, keep in mind that depending on the plan, your premium, deductible and co-payment will vary.

    Asking for Assistance

    • Details of coverage can fluctuate from plan to plan. This affects cost, so it's important to ensure your needs will be met according to the plan you choose. If you can't afford a certain plan but need specific coverage, you could qualify for assistance--which could result in Medicare taking care of the bulk of your costs. To receive assistance, you must meet certain criteria and fill out an application. The application can be completed online or by mail.


    • In addition to providing reliable prescription drug coverage, Medicare PDP helps set fears to rest. That's because many lives depend on getting the right medication. No one should have to go through mental stress or worry about being denied medication. Medicare PDP offers peace at an affordable price.

      Furthermore, getting your prescription is so easy and convenient with Medicare PDP. Depending on your coverage, you could possibly have your medications mailed to your home. Or, if you have to visit a pharmacy, many pharmacies are in the same network with Medicare PDP. This ensures you can get what you need when you need it.

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