Troubleshooting a Compaq Monitor

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    Update Your Drivers

    • If you begin to have a problem of any kind with your monitor, the first option is to make sure your display drivers are properly installed and up to date. An out-of-date driver can cause a wide variety of display problems, but luckily is an easy fix. You can obtain the latest drivers in a variety of places, but it is recommended you simply navigate to the website of your monitor's manufacturer (an example being, look for the "Monitors" subsection, look for the "Drivers" tab, and then download them from there.

    Screen Flickering

    • A monitor that has started to flicker can be caused by a few different things. If the power cable is loose or defective, this can cause the picture to bounce up and down. Make sure the plug is securely in both the monitor and the back of the computer. If the cable is defective, a replacement can be purchased at any major electronics retailer (example: Best Buy). Another cause of screen flickering can be having your video output settings not properly configured for your monitor. A refresh rate of 60 mhz and a screen resolution of 1024x1800 is standard for the majority of LCD computer monitors. Anything higher or lower than that could cause your screen to flicker, among other things.

    Testing Your Monitor

    • If you have a problem with your monitor that you can't seem to fix, most of the time you can determine the source of the problem by simply testing your monitor on a different computer. If the problem you are having persists while connected to a different machine, it is incredibly likely that it is defective. If the problem stops while connected to another machine, then the problem lies somewhere within your computer and can be fixed with a little persistence and motivation.

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