How to Play Final Fantasy 14

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Square-Enix's Final Fantasy series is one of the most enduring and long lasting series of videogames ever created.
Each player has their own favorite title, whether they prefer the older 2D games that were found on early Nintendo systems or the more graphically impressive games like Final Fantasy VII (my clear favorite!).
Well, now the team at Square-Enix has created a new installment where players can get immersed in a whole new world - Final Fantasy 14.
As with previous games, there a few aspects of gameplay that will be new to you and you will need to learn these before playing.
The system used for leveling your characters up has once again been updated in the new outing.
There are two kinds of level in FF14, physical level and job level.
Physical level affects characteristics like maximum HP and stamina, while job level changes the strengths and abilities of your weapons.
Players are able to completely mix and match the abilities they learn from using different weapons without neglecting their physical attributes, which also increase as you learn new skills.
Needless to say, this system allows you to completely customize your character to your own specifications.
The graphics are also an important aspect of gameplay for many players and you'll be glad to know that Final Fantasy 14 does not disappoint.
Square has a history of pulling out all the stops when it comes to graphics and the new title is just as stunning as previous releases.
Unfortunately, these graphics come at a price and you will need to have a fairly powerful computer to run the game.
However, if you are playing FF14 on a console like the PS3 then you will be fine and will be free to enjoy to beautiful graphics at your leisure.
Combat systems are often fine tuned between Final Fantasy releases and there are a few tweaks in the new game that will give you plenty to play with.
Battles are fast paced and require players to manually attack their foes, whereas in previous games combat selections could be made automatically.
Attacking drains a stamina bar throughout battles, although this does recharge quickly.
One other change to the battle system is the use of magic, where MP does not recharge throughout the game.
Instead, players must buy new spells once they have run out of their current supply.
This may sound like an annoyance, but the spells are cheap and you can buy magic that causes a lot of damage for next to nothing.
It also adds as extra element of tactical planning to the game, as you need to make sure you use your magic wisely so that you don't run out.
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