5 Tips to Quickly Build Sales When You Own a Dollar Store

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Those who own a dollar store find themselves in a tough spot at some point in the growth of their store.
Possibly cash flow can't keep up with growing sales.
Maybe traffic is down and sales have followed the downward trend causing a strain on your bank account.
Or maybe dollar store profits have declined, forcing you to scramble for cash to cover bills.
If only there were dollar store sales tools to instantly help you build sales and profits for your business.
There aren't many magic potions for these problems.
However there are low cost steps that can be taken to increase traffic and sales for your store.
In this article I present 5 tips to quickly build sales when you own a dollar store.
#1) Make it easy to see your store from the street.
Add banners or flags to the front of your store.
It's even better if they move with the breeze.
The use of banners and flags will create a steady increase in traffic to your store over time.
The more visible the signs and banners the more immediate the impact and the greater the impact will be in terms of traffic count and sales.
#2) Use an A-Frame sign at the parking lot entrances.
Again this is designed to attract attention and to motivate prospective shoppers to enter your store immediately.
Make the sign even more powerful by adding information about a sale item or two.
Pick items that are in general demand.
Taking this action will turn your sign into a sales tool that works.
#3) Create a banner and hire a sign holder to stand on the street corner near an entrance.
It's even better if you can use the labor that is already present inside your store.
Rather than having a person standing around and waiting for customers, get them out on the sidewalk attracting attention.
On a high-traffic street you'll see shoppers entering your store within minutes.
Often the employee will need to return to help checkout customers in an hour or less.
This is an effective way to quickly grow sales and dollar store profits with little added cost.
#4) Place brightly colored merchandise in front of your store.
Once again the goal of this activity is to attract attention to your store.
Whether shoppers buy the products you placed in front or not is irrelevant.
What is important when you own a dollar store is to motivate more shoppers to stop and come into your store now.
Once they enter, the challenge becomes to make the store feel warm, friendly and inviting so they will stay and shop.
#5) Hold a barbeque or sidewalk sale on a clear weekend day.
You'll be amazed how many shoppers will come to see what you have on sale.
Many will also be interested in purchasing a hot dog, chips and a soft drink for a low price.
Of course once they have finished eating they will proceed to enter you store just to see what's inside.
All of these ideas cost very little.
Be sure to promote the sidewalk sale or barbeque with a banner and flyers inserted into filled shopper t-shirt bags for at least a week in advance of the event.
Also be sure your landlord and the local statutes allow temporary signage to be added.
When you own a dollar store it is important to focus on growing sales and dollar store profits by growing the number of shoppers making purchases.
Once that is occurring, don't stop.
It is also important to build the size of sales being made by adding hot, in-demand products to the mix.
To your dollar store profits!
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