Problems With Roommates

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    • One of the most common problems with roommates is finances. Right before moving in together, roommates often promise to abide by the rental agreement and to pay their portion of the bills. Oftentimes what results is several excuses why she cannot pay or no explanation at all. This leaves one party stuck with all the bills, and the emotional stress of having the other party permanently removed from the property. Many civil court cases are about roommates trying to recover funds from the other party.


    • Where there are roommates, there are often lifestyle conflicts. One party may smoke or use drugs, while the other doesn't. One may be a loner, while the other likes to throw late-night parties. In any event, this results in constant arguments where personalities are always clashing. Many times, those seeking a roommate overlook scrutinizing a potential roommate's character, focusing only on the financial benefits to be gained from the cohabitation. Still, there are no guarantees because it is difficult to sum up a person in just one or two meetings. This is why using referrals from reliable sources is highly recommended.

    Other Issues

    • Roommates often fight over hygiene issues. If one is a neat freak and the other is sloppy, arguments are bound to occur. Additionally, helping yourself to your roommate's items without his consent is a surefire way to parting ways. This includes not buying your own laundry soap, food and toiletries. The best way to minimize these conflicts with your roommate is to establish boundaries before living together. There should be an agreed-upon written contract outlining all living expectations signed and dated by all parties. This way, if things go sour, there is proof of what each is entitled to.

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