The Mysteries on the Collapse of Building Seven

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Twelve years ago on one unfortunate day, the history of the United States of America would forever change.
You can still see the sadness across many Americans face at the mere mention of September the 11th.
No one knows why it happened or even how it happened, we just know that it happened and that it would always have an impact on our country.
Of course with any tragic event that has a lot of innocent casualties it is common that it would be majorly publicized, and someone had to take the blame for this happening.
Often times it is the government that finds itself under heavy scrutiny.
The questions most often asked is did the government know this was going to take place? Did they have prior knowledge, and could they have done anything to prevent it.
The American people have gotten all different answers and but they all are shy of the truth.
There is however one question that continues to draw a blank stares and unanswered thoughts in everyone's mind about such an unforgettable day, what about the forgotten building that collapsed; Building Seven.
As many Americans watched from their television as the reporters gave gruesome details on the events that took place, there was no mention of a third building that collapsed.
While everyone watched the twin towers sway in the morning air engulfed in flames, debris pouring down from the sky, and people running frantically to get to safety not one report came out about building seven.
So how is that an entire building that was not hit by a single plane and sustained minor damage by the falling debris from the twin towers, and compared to the other buildings in the world trade center complex that fell with the towers, be destroyed.
Building Seven was a 47-story steel frame building that fell to the ground at 5:20 pm, hours after both of the twin towers fell.
In the initial 9/11 commission report building seven had not been mentioned at all.
Furthermore, why did it take seven years for a report on the collapse of building seven.
Around the country local groups of engineers, architects, and other concerned Americans have gathered signatures for a petition for another full investigation.
The reason for such skepticism surrounding the collapse of Building Seven is because the government reported that the building was reduced to rubble by a fire.
The only problem with that is this would be the first time that a fire destroyed a steel framed building.
The fact remains that never in history had a structure made of steel burned from fire, which gives more reasons for many to believe that it was a controlled demolition, instead of what the government initially reported.
What is more puzzling is that the details by the team that conducted the investigation on Building Seven were not allowed at the crime scene.
Once they did release their inconclusive report the evidence from the building had already been destroyed.
The government had already recycled the steel from Building Seven, before any real investigation could be conducted.
So why is it that the debris from what would be considered a mysterious structural failure be recycled so quickly? If the building was destroyed by a fire instead of a controlled demolition there wouldn't be anything to hide.
Could it be that the government in fact staged 9/11 and blamed it on Al Qaeda terrorist to start a war.
Was it to strip Americans from our constitutional rights with new provisions made to the NSA to invade our privacy.
Many people lost their lives on that day.
Does the government feel as though we are expendable pawns? One thing that is for sure no one really knows the truth, but when Americans do seek the truth we don't stop until we find it.
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