Using Male Psychology To Reverse The Breakup And Bring Your Ex Boyfriend Back Running!

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When you are sitting alone thinking of the future you dreamed of having with your ex boyfriend, everything can seem hopeless. You are sure he is the love of your life and wish you could think of a way to get him back. The good news is, you can make him come running back by using male psychology to reverse the breakup.

You will be getting all kids of advice from family and well meaning friends, but you have to remember they are on your side. To them your ex boyfriend is the villain in the story, so they will be biased. Some of them will tell you to go get in his face and tell him a thing or two. Others will tell you to just let him go and find someone else.

But you won't want to take their advice because it will mean losing the love of your life forever. It is a shame that all little girls are not taught something about male psychology. If they were, you would see less women with broken hearts in the world. Of course to even things out, little boys should be taught about how a woman's mind works as well.

The problem is, both sexes think the other should think the way they think. But, the minds of men and women are not wired the same and that is why they react emotionally different. This is what causes all of the hurt feelings and rejection. As a woman you want to sit down and arrive at a solution to the problem that caused the breakup. But, your ex boyfriend wants to be left alone.

The fact is, men never really grow up. Why do you think they get so excited about sports and fast cars? It is the same reason your ex has run off some where to pout. There is a part of him that will never grow up. If you recognize this fact about men, you will understand how to deal with your ex boyfriend. You should treat him the way he is acting, like a small boy.

What is the best way to make a small boy stop pouting? It is not by begging him to be good, if you do, he will act worse. But, if you ignore him and let him pout, he will soon want to be part of your life again. That is the same male psychology you need to use in order to reverse your breakup. Just walk away and don't cry or beg. When he sees you don't care, your ex boyfriend will come running back.
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