Homeschool Chemistry Experiments

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Enrich your homeschool chemistry experience with safe and interesting chemistry experiments and projects. These homeschool experiments use chemicals you have or can obtain easily.

Ice Cream in a Plastic Bag

This homeschool chemistry project teaches about freezing point depression while making a tasty treat. Feel free to experiment with flavoring. What happens if there is no water in the outer bag? What happens if you change the amount or type of salt used in the bag? Would sugar work instead?
Ice Cream in a Baggie
Instant Sorbet in a Baggie
How Freezing Point Depression WorksMore »


Mix together two liquids to make slime, a gelatinous polymer. This homeschooling chemistry experiment allows you to explore the concepts of chemical bonding and phase changes. You can learn about mechanical properties, too.More »

Bubble Fingerprints

Make your own bubble artwork while investigating the shapes of bubbles and how they join to each other.

How Bubbles Work
Make Your Own Bubble Solution
Make Bubble Fingerprints
More Bubble ProjectsMore »

Secret Messages with Invisible Ink

So many home chemicals can be used as invisible ink! The "trick" to invisible ink is that it dries clear, yet affects the chemistry of paper so that the message can be revealed. Write and reveal your own secret messages. Try different chemicals. Which works best for you?

How Invisible Ink Works
Lemon Juice Invisible Ink
Baking Soda Invisible Ink
Corn Starch Invisible InkMore »

Grow Crystals

There are many different types of crystals you can grow at home. Growing crystals ia a fun and educational way to study minerals and the structure of matter.

What Is a Crystal?
How to Grow Crystals
Crystal Projects Photo GalleryMore »
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