How to Write a Funding Application

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As budgets and grant allowances have been cut once again this year; small businesses, charities, voluntary organisations and even public health bodies are finding themselves in need of additional funding.
And so, they find themselves required to complete a funding application.
Funding applications can be disregarded for a number of reasons.
Perhaps the idea that has generated the need for additional funding is not all that attractive to the fund-holder, or perhaps they do not feel that there is sufficient evidence to suggest that the funding is really all that crucial.
However, one of the most common reasons for funding applications ending up with a big 'rejection' stamp across them is that the application itself has not been completed correctly.
The tasks that need to be completed when preparing a successful funding application can be split into the following sections: - Thinking about your project in detail - Finding a funder or two - Completing the application form or submitting your proposal Let's look at each of these sections in turn.
Thinking about your project in detail: This includes the need to define a title for your project (something catchy that funders will remember and that succinctly describes what it is that your project aims to achieve) and the need to define exactly what your project entails - ensure you have a detailed project plan which can provide some of this content for you.
Concentrate on what the benefits will be when your project is achieved, as it is this sort of detail that funders will want to focus on.
You need a clear understanding of how much the delivery of your project will cost - how else will funders know how much investment you're after? And you also need to think about how you are going to monitor the progress and outcomes of your project, as funders are likely to want to see routine reports that detail this information.
Finding a funder: Once you are sure that you have all of the necessary information that is specifically about your project, you will next need to decide who you are going to approach for funding.
The most important thing to remember here is that you need the criteria of your potential funder to meet the specifics of your project.
Applying to funders whose funding criteria do not match your project specifics will be a complete waste of time.
It is also important to remember that your application may be turned down.
You should therefore have a set of back-up funders ready to approach.
Completing the application form: Some key points to remember when completing the required funding application are; stick to the completion guidelines, don't use jargon, type the application form and present it professionally, get it edited by an external party, and ensure that all requested supporting documentation is clearly labelled and attached.
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