How to Start a Birthday Club

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    • 1). Decide who you will ask to join the club, and offer options about what types of activities you'll do. Come up with a list of possible celebration locations, themes, budgets and gift options. Be prepared to answer questions regarding them when potential members ask.

    • 2). Ask people to join your club. Tell them what it might involve in terms of cost and time commitment. Neither should be overwhelming, and many people find it's worth doing just for the fun factor. Respect people who decline. It is probably nothing personal; they may simply be too busy, or gift-giving is too much of a burden on their budget at the moment. Have a birthday club without gifts if you think it will get more of your friends or co-workers to join.

    • 3). Collect birthday and contact information from those who join. Make a calender or jot down notes in a date book regarding everyone's birthday. Make yourself or another member of the club the "point person" who will keep track of the information, and notify other members when it's time to celebrate.

    • 4). Decide on the activities that you will do in your club. Make these decisions as a group, so that all members feel they have a say in what happens. You may choose to hold the parties at someone's home, or in another agreed-upon location, such as a park. You could agree to give gifts and set a budget for them. Dispense with the gift-giving, however, if you feel that money is a sticking point with members of the club.

    • 5). Assign roles, or officials, in your birthday club. Make one person in charge of reservations (if the celebrations will be held at a hotel or restaurant), another one decorations, another one invitations, and similar tasks. Make sure everyone knows what their duties will be when they are notified of another birthday.

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