Bumper Stickers: The Must-Have Political Campaign Product

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Bumper stickers are one of the most popular political campaign items; and aside from being extremely economical, they are also a practical give-a-away item. Bumper stickers allow your voters to show their support, and get your name out to the rest of the community. If you have decided that bumper stickers are a product you are going to order, you need to determine which size bumper sticker will best meet your needs in accordance with size and shape.

Bumper stickers come in a variety of shapes and sizes. If you already have a logo for your campaign, I would suggest picking a size that is the most complimentary to your logo. For instance, choose a size that will allow your logo to take up as much space on the sticker as possible, leaving minimal white space.

There are many colors to choose from when ordering your bumper stickers, but try and stick to your campaign colors and the same logo. If your exact campaign colors are not available, choose the ones that are closest to it. For example, if your colors are dark blue and a burnt red, and they are not available, choose whatever red and blue is available. If you have uncommon political colors, such as orange and purple that are not available, then you should find another supplier for your bumper stickers. It's okay to vary the shades of your campaign colors, but be careful how far you stray; you don't want to confuse your voters.  Campaign designs can be found at www.runandwin.com.

The standard bumper sticker is sticky on one side and can be easily removed with minimal residue left behind on the vehicle. The residual glue can be removed with a small amount of nail polish remover. If you think your voters might not be open to putting bumper stickers on their cars, you might want to consider going with a static cling decal.

Static cling decals, while a little more expensive, are more likely to be affixed to your voters car.

Due to the nature of the product, the static cling does look nicer than your standard bumper sticker;

however, there are some issues to consider before deciding to go with the static cling decal.

You must consider whether the decal will be going on the inside or outside of the vehicle because this will determine which side needs to have "the cling". If you want your clings to go on the inside of the vehicle, then "the cling" will be on the front.  Another important aspect to consider is the amount of people that have tinted windows. Putting the cling on the inside with tinted windows will not be an effective method.

Whatever you choose, bumper stickers or static clings, just make sure you get them out on cars to promote your campaign.
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