Choosing Commercial Grade Freezers

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When it comes to running a food service based business, regardless of the type of meals you serve, you will always need a freezer to store various goods.  But when it comes to choosing the right commercial grade freezer for your business, the options can be bewildering!  So, here we have demystified these types of freezers and what you need to look out for when buying one!

Things to Consider

While the main need for buying a freezer is to keep food frozen, there are many elements to think about when purchasing a big ticket item such as this.  In the initial stages, when you are considering a commercial grade freezer, you should ask yourself these questions:

•    What type of freezer do I need? – There are a variety of different style commercial freezers on the market today such as chest freezers, countertop freezers, glass door freezers, ice cream cabinets, ice display freezers, reach-in freezers, under-counter freezers and worktop freezers.  

•    How much space do I have? – While commercial freezers come in a range of standard sizes, the choices you have may be dramatically reduced based on how much space you can afford to give up once it has been installed.

•    How much of my menu contains foods that are frozen? – If your menu has many of the main ingredients based around frozen items, this could ultimately decide just how big your commercial freezer needs to be, not to mention the style of unit you will require.

•      Should I buy a second hand or brand new commercial freezer? – The main reason that people buy second hand items of any kind is because of the price tag.  While saving money is great, a used commercial freezer will often rarely come with any warranty or support from the seller.

Negotiate Your Way to a Great Commercial Freezer

Once you've considered all your options and found a commercial freezer that suits your needs, it's time to negotiate on the price!  The best way to really get the cost lowered on this huge purchase is to do the following:

•    Go in to buy your commercial freezer at the end of the month, as many companies will be looking to reach budget or sales goals at that time.
•    Offer to pay cash where possible as it creates a sense of immediate commitment
•    Try to buy other items in the same transaction (but only if you need them!)
•    Take in a competitors advertised lower price as many companies are now willing to price match or beat.
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