Chowpatty Beach- The Best Hanging Out Place Of India

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Chowpatty Beach is such a place in Mumbai that none can avoid when traveling to Mumbai. If you go to Mumbai then you must have to keep foot on this lively beach. You can think why the beach is so wanted? May for sunbathing or swimming, then you are sent percent wrong. The thing is eating that is satisfying your stomach. The sub-continent is famous for its spices. Then where is the use? It is in eating. There is a marine drive in Mumbai and the famous Chowpatty Beach is at the northern part of this marine drive. All classes of people are fond of this beach. There is no evening when you cannot find the beach filled with people, amidst food kiosks, ferry rides, balloon sellers etc. If your sharp desire is to visit many more beaches of India we recommend you to choose India Trip. The Chowpatty Beach will take out all of your tiredness after a long hectic day. This cold sand will make your feet colder; your lungs will be filled with the fresh air.

There are a lot of festivals are arranged on this beach every year. If you come then you can see the coconut festival, gonesh choturthi are the main of those festival. These bring most of the people from Mumbai to this beach. Not for the eve or in the time of festival the Chowpatty Beach also provide resort privilege for the people at the time of sunlight, they can take heed under the small trees. In the midday the beach is like a resort but in the eve it is transformed into a venue for carnivals. You can experience the ferry ride; pony ride etc. There is some sort of money making opportunities for the road side astrologers when they can convince people to see their ever gone future.

There are lots of ways to entertain in the Chowpatty Beach. You can go for the shows of professional masseurs, bee-bee guns shooting galleries, contortionists, snake charmers and monkey trainers. Bhel-puri the unforgettable delicious food item, you can never forget if once taste. Every time you get the chance of eating it you will be failed to resist you from eating it. You also can get the pav bhaji, pani puri amd kulfi at the local stalls dotting the beach. You can term this beach as the best hanging out place of India. In every season the Chowpatty Beach prevails at its own condition. Dont abscond the opportunity to explore it in bustling evenings and somber days.

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