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Fortune High Tech Marketing is a traditional Network Marketing Company that began in 2001 out of Kentucky, USA.
I have chosen to review this company for several reasons.
What struck me about FHTM is what sets it apart from typical MLM's.
I was also impressed with its Company leadership.
It has also risen to the top featured as one of most successful MLM Companies in the last couple of years while showing continued potential for solid growth.
The 5 important questions we must ask when reviewing any MLM Company are oCompany credibility: such as how long it has been around, is it debt free and what is the Company Vision and Focus.
FHTM Company credibility: FHTM was started for the reps in this industry by a rep, Paul Orberson.
Paul worked as a rep for Excel making the most millions of dollars in 20 consecutive months than any other rep in the history of the network marketing industry.
He came out of retirement to answer his higher calling in life, to create a marketing company with his son that gave representatives the opportunity to make the most money possible in this industry.
At head office, all FHTM all staff are Independent Representatives.
Like a family, they are the same people who started with the Company 9 years ago.
The Company is 100% debt free.
It has no overhead or inventory.
98% of the money that comes through the Company goes back out to the reps.
It is internationally based.
After being given a ¼ chance of surviving cancer, Paul Orberson felt his time was not up.
He started True Essentials, the one health and wellness Company FHTM offers.
He used these unique organic products in his recovery program to cure himself of his terminal condition.
He is a little bit religious in his talks but always very focused on helping his representative's with their long term success.
The Company has been featured in top business magazines and by top financial leaders and mentors as not just being legitimate but as a truly unique opportunity for anyone motivated to succeed at a home-based business in the Network Marketing Industry.
oLeadership and Training Provided: What is the quality of leadership and training provided, if any? FHTM's Leadership and Training: Some well known top earners in Network Marketing are leaders in this Company.
Paul Orberson clearly states that he wants to be judged by how many millionaires the Company makes and it is clearly making a lot of them.
Professional guidance and leadership is guaranteed right from the start.
The Company clearly operates with a clear sense of integrity when helping new home-business owners get started.
Along with their training manuals, they reveal their policies and procedures right away to prevent legal and financial troubles.
Their back office is set up to ensure all new reps meet their team, and receive the professional ongoing training, tools and resources to succeed as representatives.
Each new rep is given their Executive Managers name and phone number, as well as their National Managers contact and training info.
For 20/month they can purchase their own Fortune TV station with up to 22 channels on all their events, products, interviews and testimonials, training, as well as a weekly live message from Paul Orberson.
There are a number of ways to show the Fortune presentation once the rep is ready including online, webinars, teleconferences, local meetings and presentations on DVD's.
A new representative will have lots of team support and ways to start recruiting prospects properly from the word go.
oProducts and Services: Can the services and products stand on their own among the highly competitive and saturated market in today's Direct Selling Industry.
FHTM's Products and Services: FHTM's smorgasbord of essential services and products are what makes this Company unique.
They offer choices from services people use everyday and pay for every month from home.
FHTM offers a buffet loaded with popular entertainment companies, natural organic beauty and health products, well established communications companies and basic essential services we all know and are loyal customers with.
In this case FHTM has passed the crucial two year mark showing its products and services are unique and fit in the ever changing trends and will withstand changing consumer demands.
Basically, when people pay their bills through FHTM, to the same providers they already use, everyone wins! Switching over is free although there is sometimes a one time a start up cost to get onto a service through FHTM's program.
The nice part about this concept is that most everyone uses these services.
No matter what your ethnic background or age, or irregardless of your previous experience or skills, this is a performance based business that anyone motivated and willing to work hard at can succeed in.
oCompensation Plan: There are four basic compensation plans in network marketing.
Understanding how the compensation plan works is very important.
This is how you are paid for your work.
FHTM Compensations Plan: FHTM believes they have the best Compensation Plan in the industry.
FHTM basically uses the Forced Matrix plan.
This requires new representatives, now Managers to get 3 customer points as well as sponsor 3 new managers, building their first team of 12.
Here they pay off their start up cost and establish their first team.
Once promoted to Regional manager, next the rep must gather 10 personal customer points and personally sponsor 3 more managers.
Where the real money begins is in the Regional Manager stream.
The amazing part is that 10 customer points is all they will ever need.
The second promotion is to Executive Sales Manager.
The fourth stream of income is earned as a National Sales manager and 5th and last is the Presidential Pool.
There are loads of incentives and bonuses at every turn including a free Lexus car program as Executive Manager.
While the commissions are very high with each new rank, the residual income based on bill payments each month grows as one's team grows, paying up to 20% back to the rep each time a bill in their down line is paid.
This is the other type of income a rep can generate through this plan.
It has been said that Paul Orberson, with his generous Compensation Plan including large commissions and limitless residual incomes has changed the face of the industry forever.
oCost to Start: There are many inexpensive MLM home-businesses one can invest in.
For under $500.
00 you can usually begin right away with a back office and turn key system in place, as well as professional training.
Some argue this is cheaper than other 5 digit business investments or franchises people often feel they have to spend in order to make good money.
FHTM cost to start: In the USA start up cost is $299.
In Canada it is $399.
There is a $199.
00 renewable business fee (first year included in the start up cost) that is required annually from the date of acceptance.
You also receive a very nice FHTM briefcase loaded with training DVD's, a training manual, products info and other forms and information included in the start up cost.
In addition there is an office Assistant service for $20/month to run one's business.
Office Assistance provides a personal URL complete with a professional business presentation, product and service info, and registration forms.
There are also training links and all the administration is given there; Commission statements, downline and organization reports, an email messaging system and much more.
FHTM's Back Office offers a turn key system that any home-business owner can run with efficiency.
There is a ten day money back guarantee for anyone wanting to quit.
All in all, Fortune High Tech Marketing is growing in size and popularity every year.
It is worth researching as a viable home-based business opportunity.
The magic of FHTM is in it's smorgasbord of Essential Service Providers and Product Companies.
Obviously they prefer using word of mouth or network marketing through FHTM's reps to reach people.
This way they save millions of dollars of advertising.
FHTM is designed to help any help any mature responsible adult save money effortlessly, through an independent home-business model.
Their managers gather a few loyal customers who are already paying for these services from home each month, finding friends and family to do the same.
In all there are five multiple streams of income to build.
Many reps have become millionaires in this company within a 3-5 year time frame.
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