Can There Be Surprising Revolution in the RTA Business?

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People all want to make their homes the best accommodation possible but the cost of renovation could break a person's budget. Kitchen renovations for cabinets could cost a home about twelve to twenty thousand dollars. That is exactly why ready-to-assemble kitchen cabinets have become a popular alternative. These units could be pulled right out of the box, assembled in a day and be ready for use right after. TSG cabinets have been the leading brand lately and it came as a surprise to many when they find out that these cabinets are assembled in China. Oh no worries, they have their main office in New Jersey but the bulk of making these cabinets are in the east. China-assembled products more often than not are known to be of low-quality and break in a short period. How do TSG Cabinets turn the table?

Where they were assembled actually does not affect the quality of these cabinets very much, if there was any affect at all to take note of. First note any should take notice is that TSG Cabinets are recognized by the Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers Association. This recognition and certification from the KCMA means that each cabinet assembled in China and sold in the United States have passed rigorous tests to ensure they are of top quality. They won't break after a few months of regular usage and they won't wear and tear to simple rain and abuse either. TSG Cabinets are also recognized by the California Air Resources Board to be nature-friendly and clear of any hazardous emissions.

RTA cabinets were made to be more affordable. How do TSG Cabinets fare in that aspect? The lowest price found online for a single cabinet unit was about one hundred and thirteen dollars, shipping already included. The most expensive set was for a Pacifica set to fill the entire kitchen, renovation and assembly costs included with shipping and it was still under two thousand dollars. That's still about six times less than what a regular kitchen renovation would cost. Considering how well the company holds up their products' quality the price they charge for is surprising affordable. The price of TSG Cabinets can stand side by side with other RTA kitchen cabinet brands that do not carry the same standards they do.

So do TSG Cabinets disappoint simply because they were assembled in China? The answer is no. They are actually the cream of the crop and it looks like they intend to stay on top of the game. They have proven to be of top-notch quality and they are easily affordable for anyone to purchase. Their website features a decent contact page for inquiries and they have been noted to be quick in replying to their consumer base. Can TSG Cabinets be the surprising revolution in the RTA business? They absolutely can be. They have a unique manufacturing and marketing tactic but by holding the standards of the western market they have been able to trump their way to the top and consumers should not worry when they purchase their own TSG made cabinet.
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