Easy Ways to Brighten Up Your Kitchen

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Clear off your kitchen counters, refrigerator, and wall.
Live with the clean area for a few days.
Notice your habits and see just what you really use on a daily basis.
Then gather the items together and organize them by color, size and, starting with the walls, begin putting some back.
Leave the room, come back, checking each time to see if you are satisfied with the result.
You may find that what you were so used to having in the room may not be as effective as you thought.
Keep moving things around until it is just right.
If your kitchen is nice and large but you need more counter space, consider adding a center island.
A built in can be outfitted with a sink and a small microwave or even an apartment sized refrigerator.
A portable island on casters, perhaps stainless steel, can be pushed aside when not needed and will be convenient for storing extra pots and pans.
Replace the hardware on the cabinets.
Measure the existing holes so you do not have to drill new ones.
Go to your hardware store and find some drawer pulls and cabinet handles that you really think will add some pizazz to the room.
Look for some that are out of the ordinary but reflect your taste.
Try a vintage look, flowers, artistic shapes, miniature kitchen utensils, there is no end of choices.
A simple thing like this will add style and become a topic of conversation as well.
Consider replacing the kitchen faucet.
Your local do-it-yourself store will have many choices.
Look at magazines, or go to a kitchen store that has them installed in displays.
This will give you an idea of the different styles available.
Model homes are a great place to see a variety of them.
Maybe you want to add a spray or a soap dispenser.
Take a picture of your existing faucet with you to make sure you have a compatible style.
If you are handy this is not a difficult project, but you can always hire a professional if it seems daunting.
Try some paint.
Use a bold color on one wall, even in a small kitchen this will brighten up the room.
Painting the cabinets a different color than the walls will add interest and make a statement.
Add curtains to the windows, maybe use dishtowels or tablecloths as the fabric.
This will make it easy to do spring cleaning, just toss them in the washer.
Once you start, your imagination will take over and all kinds of ideas will occur to you.
Get the family involved, you would be surprised how observant they are and how many clever suggestions they will have.
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