Natural Acai Berry Diet

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    Try Introducing Acai Berries Into Several Meals Throughout The Day

    • Frozen yogurt is much better for the body than ice cream, and topped with some acai berries it can taste even better.

      A good way to get your body (and taste buds) used to the Acai Berry Diet is by introducing it into several foods throughout the day for the first couple of weeks. Acai berries can usually be found in local health stores or organic food stores. Usually, you can only find acai berries frozen because that's the best way to preserve them in their trip from Brazil. But even when dried, they still retain their healthful attributes.

      Because it is a food that tastes as good as it is healthy for you, it works very well in a number of foods. Try adding it to your meals at breakfast for a healthy way to start off each day. They bake easily in muffins, cookies and pastries. They also work well giving plain granola and cereal some flavor, and they help you weed out sweeteners from your diet as the acai berry is one of the healthiest sources of sugar.

      Also, try substituting ice cream for low-fat frozen yogurt and adding some berries. A pint of ice cream can be hundreds, if not thousands, of calories. Frozen yogurt can be less than a hundred calories and be just as tasty with acai berries added.

    A Sample Daily Diet Rich in Acai Berries and Antioxidants

    • Spinach is probably the most nutrient-rich, antioxidant food to couple with a diet heavy in acai berries.

      If you'd like to use acai berries as more of an antioxidant supplement that "flushes" the body as you progress in a diet high in antioxidants, know that a diet solely consisting of acai berries or acai fruit juice (such as that made by MonaVie) will not be enough to do your body good., a website providing information on foods high in antioxidant and cleansing properties, says that supplements alone will not have the same effect as supplements coupled with foods rich in antioxidants. They suggest the following diet:

      For breakfast, have some whole-grain toast with a bowl of granola mixed with a cup of acai berries. Wash it down with a glass of green tea.

      For lunch, eat a salad rich in spinach leaves, tomatoes and carrots. If you like to add a couple of sweets to your salad, try adding some acai berries. Drink grape juice or another glass of green tea.

      For dinner, try eating as many berries as possible. A smoothie of raspberries, strawberries, acai berries and blueberries will let your stomach rest for the night. After all, it's always better to eat less at night and more for breakfast and lunch.

      Most important, always remember to drink as much water as you can during the day.

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