How to Hold Poached Eggs

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    • 1). Lift the poached egg out of the water by sliding the slotted spoon under the egg as gently as possible. Lift the egg straight up out of the water, allowing any excess water to drain through the slots in the spoon. Make sure the egg is cradled perfectly in the spoon rather than resting partly on the edge, as this can cause the egg to break.

    • 2). Place your slightly cupped hand beside and slightly below the slotted spoon if you need to hold the poached egg in your hand. Slowly and gently tilt the slotted spoon toward your hand, allowing the delicate egg to slide from the spoon into the palm of your hand. Carry the egg this way rather than in your fingers, as it is easy to accidentally burst the egg by applying pressure with your fingers.

    • 3). Place the slotted spoon into a small bowl if you can hold the egg in a dish rather than directly in your hand. Tilt the spoon to one side while gently raising it to deposit the egg in the bowl.

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