How to Tie a Square Knot to Attach a Clasp

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    • 1). Lay one end of a rope on a flat surface. Lay the other end of the rope or one end of another rope parallel to the first end and just underneath it. The two ends should be lying flat next to each other with several inches of overlap.

    • 2). Bend upwards a few inches of the first end of rope. Bend upwards about twice as much of the second end overlapping the top rope. Tuck the second end down underneath the first end so that the two bends are joined.

    • 3). Pull the second end back up over the top of the first end. Both ends should now be pointing away from you.

    • 4). Bend both ends towards each other and through the clasp to create the loop that will secure the clasp. Place the tip of the second end on top of the tip of the first end.

    • 5). Push the second end behind the first end and then pull the second end through the loop formed by the two ends. Pull both ends tight to complete the square knot.

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