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Anniversary gifts are a unique way to show your loved one that you are still deeply in love with him or her.  Finding anniversary gift ideas can be another issue entirely though as you will want the gift to be perfect and express how much your beloved means to you.  However, you can be sure that fine jewelry is always a safe bet to commemorate any significant anniversary whether it is your first or your fiftieth.

If you are still in the beginning years of your many to come though, a 1st anniversary gift will probably go over well if it is a simple anniversary band or anniversary ring.  Since the first year of marriage tends to be the most expensive as well—with everything involved in setting up a home and a life together—the idea of a band of precious metal (yellow gold, white gold, or platinum) with a romantic engraving on the inside or an anniversary ring with a simple and pleasing gemstone will be an inexpensive but special way to say "I love you" that will not break your very stressed bank account.  You should just make sure that the band matches wedding and engagement rings in case your significant other wishes to stack the rings on the left ring finger in order to truly add decoration to the finger which indicates they are thoroughly taken.

A gemstone anniversary ring can just be a pretty piece of fashion jewelry to wear daily on another finger.  The gemstone should probably be your beloved's gemstone of choice (whether sapphire, emerald, opal, ruby, or tanzanite), but the metal of the anniversary ring should definitely match the wedding and engagement rings so that your lover will be able to wear the rings without dealing with a two tone jewelry situation since the liking of mixing different precious metals tends to be in the minority of jewelry popularity and is a purely random personal choice.

A 5th anniversary gift might warrant something more special, and you will hopefully have a bit more financial stability to show your love through the use of diamonds.  A special diamond anniversary ring that is unique from wedding or engagement rings will be a truly extraordinary way to express your past and continued love.  Diamond anniversary rings in general can achieve this message through the everlasting status of diamond gems, which is why they are favorites for a 25th anniversary gift or even a 40th anniversary gift.  Eternity rings are also great anniversary gift ideas since they combine the eternal quality of diamonds and infuse them all around a solid band—using the continuous loop of the circle shape to add even more emphasis to the idea of perpetual love.  Eternity anniversary rings are shining (literally and metaphorically speaking) example of combining two symbols of unending love to create a resounding message to your significant other, letting him or her know that you have been there with them, you are there with them, and you always will be.
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