How to Glue Porcelain

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    • 1). Remove dirt or other substances from the pieces you wish to reattach by washing them with warm water, soap and a dish rag or sponge. Dirt or other substances can interfere with the glue. Let the pieces dry.

    • 2). Lay out the pieces once they have dried in a way that will allow you to recognize which piece fits where.

    • 3). Apply the epoxy glue to one of the pieces and place it against the piece from which it broke off. Do not to use a lot of glue so as to not create glue buildup, which can distort the original shape. Work quickly as the glue does not take long to dry.

    • 4). Clamp the pieces together using masking tape. Apply the masking tape over the piece that has broken off and the area where the broken piece attached.

    • 5). Remove any excess glue using a cotton swap that has been dipped in acetone. Do this immediately after you have glued the missing piece. Allow the glued porcelain pieces to cure for at least a week. Once it has cured, remove the masking tape.

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