Hostile Take Over of Our Medical Industry - Why?

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Many doctors of do not approve of the Obama Health Care Plan, or the current legislation being proposed.
Nevertheless, the public relations is running redline for the Obama Healthcare Plan, and it is running over the AMA, and all the doctors in the nation like a steamroller.
One of the biggest issues that concerns doctors in the medical industry is that the healthcare bill does not address the lawyers, and all the lawsuits.
Due to the huge claims for malpractice and the large jury awards malpractice insurance has gone through the roof.
It is estimated that when you visit your doctor about one-third of your visit cost pays for the doctor's malpractice insurance, can you imagine that? One-third of the cost to see your doctor goes to an insurance company so they can defend against lawyers? You can understand the outrage in the medical industry, of course since president Obama is also a lawyer, and he went to an Ivy League law school, you shouldn't expect him to go against the lawyers.
Likewise, all the politicians in the house and Senate, well not all of them, but most all of them are lawyers themselves.
It almost seems like we have built a nation for the lawyers, and by the lawyers.
No wonder many in the medical profession say this is a hostile takeover of the medical industry.
In a way it is, in many ways the government is socializing, or nationalizing the medical industry.
This is rather upsetting, for anyone that studies the nationalization of free market enterprises by bureaucratic agencies.
The reality is that our health care system is broken, and rather than fix it, we are adding to it and piling on more debt in the process.
Anyone who is a prudent economist probably looks at all this and shakes their head; "What on earth are we doing? This is nuts.
" I hope you will please consider this.
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