Nine Reasons to Make Your Next Vacation a Trip in an RV

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Would you like to have an RV Vacation? Think it looks like fun but just not sure about it? Well it's a growing industry, as baby boomers are taking to the road.
The RV hobby is becoming ever more popular, so let's see if we can help to tip the scales for you, one way or the other.
You can go back to nature.
You can visit famous landmarks, National Parks and simply enjoy a change of scene and fresh air.
Or there again you could go fishing or hiking, even play some golf or just do nothing but enjoy your surroundings.
Comforts of home.
In an RV you have the best of both worlds, you will have a kitchen with a microwave, a 'fridge and a stove, a TV and VCR as well as beds, living and dining areas plus of course a bathroom with shower.
You can sit outside under your awning, get out of the rain if the weather changes and turn on the air conditioning if it gets too hot.
In peak season and tourist areas it is wise to make reservations.
Look for facilities that are important to you.
Campgrounds may have a lake with boating, miniature golf, swimming pools, tennis courts.
Activities for children and adults alike such as barbecues, dancing and other entertainments.
Family Matters.
Family members of all ages connect with one another when they are away from their usual lifestyle.
If your family is fairly large remember that it is difficult for everyone to get as much personal space as they would like, it is therefore a good idea to get them to spend the best part of the day outside if possible.
Cool for Kids.
Kids love RVs and when on holiday there are always new kids to meet, new things to do and new places to explore and they seem to love an old fashioned campfire complete with stories, songs and stargazing.
By joining an RV Club you can get campground discounts and other services, while on the road you'll have a CB radio to keep you in touch with other drivers, road conditions and of course the weather service.
It is not as easy as it sounds to just up and change location on a whim.
You may not be able to get another campsite without a reservation in the height of the season but if you plan each step and make your bookings accordingly there should be no nasty surprises in store for you.
If you take the whole family plus the dog then you can count up all the airfares, hotel rooms, meals and entertainment plus the kennels for the dog against the cost of the hire of the RV, camping fees, gas, food and drinks plus incidentals.
Depending on how how large your family is and where you tend to stay, you could end up saving a great deal.
Of course it is different to drive an RV but no special licence is required and the sheer number of RV's on the road should tell you that it is quite doable.
Practice before you go, you will soon get used to it.
Nothing is making you rush and by not rushing you are also saving money.
If you get sleepy in the afternoon, and why not, you are on holiday, just stop, have a nap and get on the way again in you own good time.
RV's are the descendants of the covered wagons which set out across America so long ago.
Join a great tradition and travel American style.
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