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You procrastinate, I procrastinate, all God's children procrastinate.
In other words, it's normal.
At the same time, there are some things about procrastination that are not normal.
I believe that procrastination has some magical powers that we need to address if we are going to be able to beat this monster.
Magical Power Number 1 - Procrastination can take a task that is something relatively small, and make it seem gigantic.
Magical Power Number 2 - Procrastination can take a task that is something that will take a relatively small amount of time to complete, and make it seem like it will take forever to get it done.
And it does not stop there.
These two magical power combine to make the whole greater than the sum of the parts by continuing to grow and grow into something so humongous that you become overwhelmed and just quit.
Score another victory for procrastination.
Here's a simple 3 step formula for beating procrastination at it's own game.
Step 1 - You need to give up your belief that this is a dress rehearsal.
This is real life.
We do not get to do it over again.
Unlike the movies and TV, we do not have as many takes as we need to get it right.
Step 2 - The next time you are tempted to procrastinate, simply put it off! That's right, procrastinate about proacrastinating.
Call it reverse psychology, prescribing the symptom, or whatever you want, it works! And it makes you laugh while it is working, which makes you more likely to have fun while you are getting things done.
Step 3 - Whatever it is that you are wanting to get done, no matter what it is, no matter what happens, you must make sure that you take at least one step in the direction of completion before your head hits the pillow tonite! In this way, you get a jump start on your goal, which pushes procrastination far far away.
By taking action right away you begin to build momentum.
And momentum has some magical powers of its own.
Momentum takes things that once seemed like huge boulders in your way, and turns them into small bumps that you quickly move past on the way to success.
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