Parrots As Pets - Here"s What You MUST Know If You Plan On Adopting A Pet Parrot

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They're fun, unique and exotic, but keeping parrots as pets may not be as much "fun" as you think it will be.
Yes, it's true, parrots do make wonderful pets, but they also require some special care that you may not be used to if you have always had traditional pets like dogs and cats.
A couple of things you want to consider carefully before adopting a parrot is that they make a big mess and can be very noisy.
So, you want to be sure that you are prepared to clean up a lot of seeds and be tolerant of their noise.
Some types of birds are noisier than others, so you will want to look into this if you want to focus on the quieter types of birds.
Another thing you need to be aware of if you plan to keep parrots as pets is that the placement of their cage is critical.
Parrots are rather fragile and can become ill quite easily, although they do not need tropical temperatures to survive they must be kept away from large temperature fluctuations so don't place the cage near a vent, air conditioner, doorway or window.
Also, making sure you have a large enough cage and the room to keep it is important for your feathered friend's health and well-being.
You want a cage to be large enough so that your bird can spread his wings in it.
Unlike a dog or cat, your pet parrot is going to need his own space where you can keep his cage that is near where the family hangs out but not in a high traffic area.
Adequate nutrition is critical in order to keep birds healthy so if you plan on adopting a parrot, you should also plan on spending a bit more time on meal prep than you do with your cat or dog.
In addition to seeds and pellets you might find in the store, parrots also need fresh fruits and vegetables to insure that all their nutritional needs are met.
Like other types of pets, parrots need to be a part of the family, so you will want to be sure that they can come out of their cage and interact with you safely.
This means that you can't keep windows or doors open and you will want to make sure the stove is off and there is no fire in the fireplace when you let your bird out.
You might consider a cage that has a perch on top, or a separate perch that your new feathered friend can hang around on without being confined to the cage.
Like any other pet, parrots need a lot of toys, proper food and plenty of play time and companionship in order to thrive.
But unlike other pets, they do need to have some safety precautions and special food and living conditions so you want to be sure that you are ready for those challenges if you plan to keep parrots as pets.
They really do make extraordinary companions so the extra care you need to take is well worth it!
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