Build A Nest Egg- One Looney At A Time

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What's the use of a looney? Well, think back over the past five, or even ten, years. What if you'd put one dollar away every day, and not touched it. You'd have a nice little nest egg today. There are plenty of places to save small amounts of money-in ways you may not even notice once you start. Here are some easy tips to help you save one dollar a day.

Stop buying coffee. If you buy only half as much coffee as you usually do-say only two times a week instead of four-you could save as much as $7 each week. There's your dollar a day! Can't give up the java? Try downsizing or ordering plain coffee instead of the fancy blends. You could save as much as $500 every year. That's five grand in a decade-a seriously happy stash of cash.

Do you eat lunch out a lot? Try cutting your lunches out by one per week. If you're spending $8 every time you eat out, that's more than one dollar saved every day. And in a year, that could add up to about $400 back in your wallet.

Are you a movie muncher? When you go to the movies, do you buy out the candy counter? That habit can double your costs. Try buying just one item and a small drink. Make the decision before you go, and only bring enough cash for one purchase, to keep temptation from deterring you from your one-munchy goal.

Are you a magazine junkie? If you buy just one magazine every week, that's costing you about $24 every month. Instead, buy a mag only every second week. In the weeks that you don't buy that magazine, go to your local library, your college or university library and read it for free, and pocket the six bucks-or nearly $1 every day that week.

Do you raid the candy machines at work in the late afternoon? That can so cost you. Bring a box of the groovy little cracker & cheese combos that you give your kids for lunch, and eat that when late day hunger pangs hit. After all, why should your kids have all the fun?

As you get more accustomed to brown bagging it to work, buying less coffee, and avoiding the snack machines, you'll find you can easily save small amounts of money each week. And that can add up to a lot of cash every year. Think just one dollar every day-a small goal that can add up to a big wad in less time than you think.
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