How to Install a Radio in a Monte Carlo

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    • 1). Pull the hood release lever under the dashboard on the driver's side of the Monte Carlo. Move to the front of the vehicle and raise the hood. Loosen the bolt on the negative battery terminal with the wrench. Lift the battery cable from the terminal and set it aside. Return to the inside of the Chevy.

    • 2). Open the glove compartment and remove the single screw at the upper left corner of the compartment's opening with a Phillips-head screwdriver.

    • 3). Pry the panel around the ignition away from the dash with a trim panel removal tool. Remove the two screws below the steering column with the screwdriver. Remove the dash panel below the steering wheel and set it aside.

    • 4). Pry the fuse access panel from the left side of the dashboard with the trim panel removal tool. Remove the screw behind the panel with the screwdriver.

    • 5). Grab the left side of the dashboard panel and pull it away from the Monte Carlo's dash until it snaps free. Disconnect the wiring connected to the back of the panel and set it aside.

    • 6). Remove the four screws at the corners of the stock stereo with a screwdriver. Slide the factory head unit from the dashboard stereo dock and disconnect the stereo wiring and antenna cable from the back of the unit.

    • 7). Insert the aftermarket radio's installation collar into the Chevy's stereo dock. Feed the stereo wiring and antenna cable through the back of the collar. Plug the stereo wiring leads into the wiring harness adapter. Plug the antenna cable lead into the GM antenna cable adapter.

    • 8). Plug the wiring harness adapter lead connectors into the outlets on the back of the new stereo. Insert the GM antenna cable adapter lead into the FM antenna input on the back of the new radio. Slide the unit into the dock via the installation collar. Push the radio into the dashboard until it locks into place.

    • 9). Place the main dash panel back against the Monte Carlo's dashboard. Plug the hazard and defrost switch wiring back into the outlets on the back of the panel. Press the panel against the dashboard until it snaps back into place.

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      Screw in the screw in the fuse access panel and replace the panel cover. Screw in the single screw inside the glove compartment and close the compartment's hatch. Place the dash panel around the ignition and press firmly to lock it back into place on the dashboard. Return to the Monte Carlo's battery.

    • 11

      Place the negative battery cable clamp back onto the negative battery terminal. Tighten the bolt on the cable with the wrench and close the hood.

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